#ShareTheLoad: It’s More Than Just Laundry

By Jeri-Anne Grant


Television commercials can be very entertaining, humorous and sometimes down right bizarre. Other times they even leave us pondering the world we live in and how we can make a change.

While on my Facebook page I came across an Indian commercial for a laundry detergent called Ariel and was very moved by what I saw. The advertisement is a part of Ariels’s #Sharetheload campaign. They are attempting to shed a light on the generational effects of reinforcing gender stereotypes in boys and girls.

They have chosen to show the world of gender stereotypes through the unique perspective of a father visiting his grown daughter. “I never told you that it’s not your job alone, but your husband’s, too,” the man writes to his daughter in a letter apologizing for not set the right example for her. This sudden realization drives him to change how he operates in his own marriage to her mother.

Watch for yourself

As women become more career driven, there is a growing need for shared duties among partners in the home including laundry.

This video is powerful on so many levels because it’s true. More is usually expected of women in the home and they have to work harder to get respect in business. The work of women most times goes completely unnoticed and enough credit is not given to them.

Focus on your Moments


By Jeri-Anne Grant


You can change your life if you change your mind.

The moment I learned this, the way I view my life completely changed. That moment dictated everything that I did from that time onwards. Our life’s journey is made up of a collection of moments that could make or break us.

The moments we have are determined by the decisions we make. These decisions are determined by our ruling state of thinking. Our state of mind is determined by our consciousness, which is determined by our awareness of the world around you.

From a young age we have all been programmed to allow the world around us to control how we think and what we believe, when it should be the other way around. When we have control over our thoughts and our emotions, we react to these moments differently because each one compliments the next.

Over the last year I found myself in a place I did not want to be. At first I was beating up myself and getting frustrated about it until I understood that I needed this moment of frustration to prepare me for the next. Where I am now is only meant for me to stay for a season and slowly but surely I can see my season beginning to change.

Never allow yourself to get stuck in your moments of transitions. We will find ourselves living in some bad moments in our lives and those will always come. So many of us are walking around thinking about everything that has gone wrong in our lives and have become stagnant..

But did you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, right where you are is exactly where you are supposed to be?  I believe that everything in this life happens for a reason and never without a purpose but we have become so negative in our thinking that we miss the lesson it is trying to teach us.

Writing has become the tool that I use to navigate through the moments. So find something that you love and use it to redirect your focus

When you are focused on the dream you will see how much everything seems to be going in your favor. Learn to see your moments of failure as just another lesson learned.



Achieve Your Goals

By Jeri-Anne Grant


Amidst all the controversy surrounding the release of a music video by prison inmate Kaniel Martin, his brother Akeba Martin is speaking out.

Kaniel Martin was convicted in 2011 along with Avie Howell now deceased for the 2008 murder of Honeymooning couple Ben and Catherine Mullany.

The video shot in December shows the inmate performing an original piece on the prison compound entitled “Achieve Your Goals”.

His brother Akeba Martin, has been credited with editing the piece, and says the song is not intended to glamorize his brother’s actions in any way.

Akeba says that he sympathizes greatly with the Mullany family for the unfortunate events that led to the death of their son and his wife. He understands their feelings of hurt because it is only human and the grief is still fresh in their minds.

He knows how it feels to lose a loved one because he too lost another brother to murder.

When asked about the feedback on the video, Akeba says he knew there would be negative feedback. However, the song is a positive message to everyone and he stands behind his brother 100% because he has maintained his innocence.

Adding that, his brother is trying to use his imprisonment to deter others from following a similar path.

Kaniel is a member of the prison initiative Men Against Negative Attitudes or MANA, a group aimed at using creative arts to rehabilitate prisoners while urging others to make better life choices.

Akeba says that it is critical that prisoners learn from their mistakes and are allowed to express themselves and share their stories creatively.

Kaniel, who was 19 when the murders were committed used lyrics “Wiser than you ever been and smarter than you ever thought” to express his personal growth and maturity during his incarceration.

“For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.” – Matthew 6:14

I Lived and I Die With No Regrets

By Jeri-Anne Grant


I lived and I die with no regrets.

“Those were the last words I remembered before completely blacking out and waking up in the hospital three days later. It was a sad realization that I had failed at everything in life. I couldn’t even successfully kill myself.

As I opened my eyes, the room around me was all a blur and I could see three figures standing around me. They were without a doubt my father, sister and the third the doctor who I could hear telling them how much of a risk I am to myself. A fact that I believe goes without saying given the circumstances.

But I am sure that there are perfectly sane people out there who have attempted suicide or have at least played around with the thought. I just thought that I would give it a try but I must admit that I had not planned what I would have done had I succeeded. I figured that I would just go with the flow and see what happened when I got there,” I explained yet again.

“Are you saying that there is no reason for you trying to kill yourself?” Dr. Henry asked with a puzzled look as I stared at her blankly. I could see the confusion on her face but she was always the professional.

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by how intelligent she was because she looked like the dumb type. She was almost six feet tall without heels and could easily have been a supermodel if she wanted to. Her skin was like a flawless dark chocolate that made her brown eyes sparkle like diamonds. Her hair was curly, just brushing her shoulder.

Her white coat did very little to hide her thick hourglass figure which she tried to cover with yet another monotonous grey pantsuit. Between her horrible fashion and makeup, or lack thereof, it was as if she was trying to make herself unattractive.

She was in her early forties but my tales of blatant disregard for life seems to have aged her a bit more. I could tell that she found me to be a bit on the crazy side, being admitted to the crazy house and all.

Aldornia, if you are ever to recover you need to take this seriously. We have been at it for three days now and you keep repeating the same things over and over,” she said sitting up a bit straighter with a bit frustration in her voice.

“Dr. Henry, that’s because you keep on asking the same questions. You know, they say if you keep doing the same thing or in your case, asking the same question, expecting a different answer that is a sign of insanity,” I clearly stated as I sat up in the couch trying to keep a serious face.

After a period of silence I got up and went to the window where a steady breeze was flowing. And honestly there were a lot of things on mind and talking about them just maybe what I needed but I needed control.

Dr. Henry just observed me from her seat not making a sound.

I made my way back over to the couch, making myself comfortable before she started talking again. “Alright, Aldornia let’s start over, from the beginning. Tell me about your childhood.”

“First thing first you call me Ally and second it’s a long story you know,” I said ease myself into the love seat.

But she just looked back at me with an amused and said, “Trust me, Ally we have time. You can start whereever you feel comfortable.

I laid back and closed my eyes as I thought of how best to start my story. It was the first time that I ever dared to put my life into words. So, I started it the best way I could.

“Have you ever had a day you wished you could live all over again?”

I LIVEDandi died with no regrets.png

From:  The Lost One


Your Strength Is Being Tested

Life is filled with obstacles in the form of people and situations that attempt to hold us down. When faced with these challenges we tend to retreat into a corner and pray for them to be removed from our lives.

Instead of facing the problem head on we cower trying to avoid them and idly wait for someone else to come and fix it for us. But it is in these moments, when faced with our greatest opposition, that I believe our true selves emerge.

Don’t spend so much time asking God to take you out of the situation because He put you in it for a reason. It is not an effort to break you but to make you stronger and move you into the next stage of your development. He wants to know if you will step up to the plate and not crumble under pressure.

Your strength is being tested.

No Greater Joy

There is no greater joy than finding yourself, your true self. This can never be achieved by looking into someone else for the answer. The road to self-discovery is a lonely one and is one that many are too afraid to travel. However, this journey is the only way for us to know our purpose.

When you have found your purpose in life you will see the world around you differently and people will not look at you the same. For the person comfortable in the mechanical life they would not understand and may probably say that you have lost your mind.

However, I find this completely ridiculous because you are not losing your mind, you are gaining understanding in yourself. It is good for a person to know a lot about the world around but there is no greater strength than knowing who you really are.